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Greetings from the founder

“Art isn’t art if it doesn’t produce wealth.”
This is my philosophy and the definition of art that I am advocating.

Art doesn’t make money in Japan. However, I would like to make the profession of “artist” to be the number one in the occupational income ranking, ahead of medical doctors or commercial airline pilots. This is because art is such a valuable activity, and I want to let people know how art is worthwhile.

Also, I think artworks can be “art” only when the life of the person receiving them becomes concretely enriched. The “art” that emerges can be the Egyptian pyramids, the Tokyo Tower, or the Apple Corporation, which will prosper the people involved for generations to come. I would like to bring such art to you.

The Foundation was established as a platform for this purpose. Through art, we will do our best to contribute to the realization of a society full of joy and inspiration by synchronizing your dreams and hopes with the people and environment around you.


Daichi Sakamoto
Founder, Chairman of the Board
The Global Synchroart Foundation

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Cool Japan Journal

About Cool Japan Journal

The mission of Cool Japan Journal (CJJ) is to introduce to people in Japan and abroad the countless tangible and intangible properties of the Edo period that lie dormant throughout the country in the categories of history, culture, tradition, economy, politics, art, clothing, food, and housing.

In addition, we will introduce Cool Japan businesses from all business fields, including shops, companies, new businesses, and long-established businesses that appeal to inbound and outbound visitors from all over the country.